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Project Black Oak: Kids Rooms

I've said it once, I'll say it again: I love designing children's bedrooms! This is the one place I can lean a little more playful and whimsical. I really like to play with pattern and color in these spaces to really define who is living in these rooms.

The kids' rooms in Black Oak each have a completely unique POV. In the girls' room, we went ultra feminine with rosy hues and girlie lighting while in our little boy's bunk room, we made preppier choices with plaid wallpaper and deep green hues. Read on for details on each!

​ Photos: Emily Hart Photography 


Feminine Girls' Bedroom

Feminine Girls' Bedroom

The girls' bedroom was designed for sisters to share, blending girly elements with a touch of sophistication. Since our oldest girls are still pre-teens, I wanted this room to feel their age while still being something they can grow into. Get ready for muted pink walls, frilly lighting, and the perfect blend of gingham and floral patterns.

Lighting for Girls' Room

One of my absolute favorites here are the pleated Hector accent sconces from Original BTC—featuring a fluted porcelain shade and exposed rope for a cool, sophisticated vibe. This lighting vendor always nails the blend of industrial and feminine, and these fixtures straddle the line between traditional and frilly, creating a perfect fit for a room that can evolve as the girls grow.

We placed one above each girl's queen-size bed to serve as a directional reading light for them at night with a switch at their bedside. They are the perfect complement to all the girly details in this room.

Teen Girl Bedroom Ideas

Teen Girl Bedroom Ideas

The muted pink walls set the tone for a space that's both girly and timeless. We layered floral and plaid textiles on the girls' brown slip-cover beds. A vintage nightstand and moody floral oil paintings added the perfect rustic modern touch to the space.

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Girls' Bathroom Ideas

Girls' Bathroom Ideas

And now, let's peek into the girls' bathroom. From checkered floors to scallop details, every element in this room is carefully curated to feel playful yet sophisticated.

Checkered Tile Bathroom Floor

We took a playful risk with the checkerboard floors in a 4x4 pattern—it's tiny and busy but felt like the perfect pairing for the whimsical green vanity. We cut the cabinetry to have a scallop detail at the bottom that lined up with the vertical grooves on the vanity, which I think was such a fun detail for this space.

Boys Bunk Room

Boys Bunk Room

Diving into the cozy charm of the bunk room in our Black Oak project, I can't wait to share what I've deemed "baby gentleman" with you! Alcove-style beds, plaid wallpaper, and all the adorable details that make this space feel like a haven for the littlest man in the house.

Framed Alcove Beds

Framed Alcove Beds for Kids Room

Although we lovingly call it the bunk room, there's not a traditional bunk bed in sight. Instead, we opted for alcove-style beds, framed with painted paneling. Each twin-size bed features convenient drawer storage beneath, perfect for keeping things tidy, and reading sconces at the head of each.

kids rooms

Plaid Wallpaper for Boys Room

I'm absolutely smitten with the plaid wallpaper—it adds a touch of "baby gentlemen" charm that I just adore. We really played this pattern up and layered complementing striped and plaid pillows and throws onto the beds. It's a little bit preppy and a little bit schoolhouse, especially with the Mid-century Modern style leather chandelier hung above.

Rustic Modern Boys Bathroom Design

Rustic Modern Boys Bathroom Design

What really steals the show in the boy's bathroom is the basket weave brick flooring–I love the refined rustic vibe it brings to the small space. The masculine vibes continue with the bathroom cabinetry's dark stained white oak vanity, complemented by a mirror featuring cool leather detailing and vintage-inspired globe sconces.


There you have it, folks—two uniquely enchanting spaces in our Black Oak home that showcase the perfect blend of whimsy and sophistication. Stay tuned for more behind-the-scenes peeks from the Black Oak project!

Designer: Kelsey Leigh Design Co.

Furnishing: Heritage House

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