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Beautiful interiors should be accessible.

We believe well-designed homes should be achievable regardless of hiring an interior designer and without the stress and frustration of making countless decisions along the way. Our solution is just a few clicks away.



 A room-by-room breakdown and product sourcebook

for our most popular home builds.

Build Recipes

Building a home shouldn't be stressful.

This was the foundational belief that inspired our new digital product, Build Recipes. If you have a new home construction project in the works, you're likely anticipating all kinds of stress. What if it didn't have to be a difficult process? What if it could be efficient and easy?

You deserve...

  • peace of mind that a beautiful home serves as the backdrop of your life.

  • to save hours, months, and even years of delay, stress, and indecision on your new home build or remodel.

  • to live in a magazine worthy home that is perfectly balanced between beauty and function.

  • to be handed a proven and efficient process that will help you every step of the way, similar to a blueprint. 

  • a designer's touch in your home without the costly expense of hiring one.

You deserve to feel confident in the look and feel of your home without the risk of making costly mistakes


Don't get your house wrong

We understand that building and designing a home can be completely overwhelming, time consuming, and can leave you feeling anxious, intimidated, frustrated, and just plain stressed out! Making decisions when there are an endless and exhausting amount of choices while trying to figure out what goes well together is not easy.

Decision fatigue leads to...
  • Wasted time and money 

  • Buyer's remorse 

  • Worry, anxiety, and stress

  • Endless hours of shopping and research

  • ​Design paralysis

  • ​Abandoned projects 

  • Hasty decisions

  • Mediocre results 

Historically, the only solution to these problems was to hire an interior designer to help guide you through the process – a luxury expense. We knew there was a way to eliminate your stress while having all of the design decisions made for you, so we created Build Recipes. 

If building a house was like baking a cake - we’ve written the recipe for an easy to follow home design.

Build Recipes are: 
  • Curated and cohesive design selections delivered to you at a fraction of the cost of hiring a full-service interior designer.

  • An easy to follow "click-and-go" blueprint of all design details and product links needed for you to execute your room or entire home. 

  • A way for you to get the look of a professionally designed home that looks like some of our most beloved projects.

  • A way to deliver your design selections to your contractor to ensure easy implementation.

  • The best way to save you time and money on your project resulting in the creation of a magazine-worthy home that you are proud to show off. 

Scrolling iPad Build Recipe (Instagram Post (Square)).gif

What All is Included in a Build Recipe?

BR iPad Images.png

Shoppable Product Links

Trade Specific Documents

Installation Guides

  • Appliances

  • Bathroom Accessories

  • Cabinetry Storage

  • Countertops

  • Exterior Selections 

  • Flooring & Tile

  • Grout

  • Paint & Stain Colors 

  • Hardware

  • Lighting

  • Mirrors

  • Plumbing

  • Stair Design (select recipes)

  • Trim Details

Selections for lighting, plumbing, tile/flooring, paint, countertops, and hardware are organized by trade, so they are easy to hand to each allocated contractor and craftsman.

Whether you're DIYing your kitchen install or handing over the plans to your contractor, these guides tell you how and where to place hardware on cabinetry, lighting above countertops, and more.

The Hype is Real

"These Build Recipes will seriously help you streamline the parts of the design process I see so many customers toil over! And the fact that they come from a designer that works hand-in-hand with a builder is huge. Seems like the perfect product!"


Hiring a designer is a $25-$60K investment or more.

Limited time intro pricing starting at:


Which Recipe is Your Taste?

KelseyLeigh-web-15 (1).jpg

Stylish. Playful. Modern.

4 bedroom, 3 bathroom

2300 - 3400 sq ft home


Bold. Inviting. Relaxed.

4 bedroom, 3.5 bathroom

3200 sq ft home

Add a heading.png

Natural. Minimalist. Refined.

3 bedroom, 2.5 bathroom

2400 - 2700 sq ft home


Moody. Artisanal. Edgy.

3 bedroom, 2.5 bathroom

2400 - 2700 sq ft home


Timeless. Neutral. Classic.

3 bedroom, 3.5 bathroom

2400 - 3100 sq ft home


Preppy. Coastal. Collected.

4 bedroom, 3 bathroom

2700 sq ft home

Who Build Recipes are for:

  • ANYONE who is renovating or building a new home.

  • Home builders who want to expedite their process and build more.

  • People who are too busy for the painstaking design selection process or simply want to delegate in order to have more time to themselves. 

  • Those who plan to remodel or build a home in the future.

  • Home design enthusiasts who want the KLD look in their home at a fraction of the cost of hiring an interior designer.

Who Build Recipes are NOT for:

  • Those who want to work directly with KLD, ask us questions, or invest in one of our custom designs.  If this is what you are looking for, please fill out our project inquiry form. We'd love to hear from you!​

Terms of Purchase: This purchase is subject to Kelsey Leigh Design Co.'s Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. ALL PURCHASES ARE NON-REFUNDABLE. Purchase of this Recipe entitles you to use the Recipe for personal, non-commercial use only. Kelsey Leigh Design Co. retains all intellectual property rights in the Recipe and you are not permitted to resell, lease, duplicate, license, sub-license, redistribute, or offer the template for free to any third party or marketplace. We may receive commission or other benefit (at no cost to you!) when you make a purchase by clicking on one of our links in our Recipes.


Meet your designer, Kelsey!

Hi, I'm Kelsey! The principal designer and founder of Kelsey Leigh Design Co. – an interior design firm known for our approachable, warm, vintage modern style. We take projects all across the country from floor plan to furnishing and are especially known for our expertise in new construction and renovation projects. We wanted to create a product that delivered our designs, proven to enhance the home building and design process, into the hands of more people who appreciate creating beauty in their homes. These build recipes are from some our most popular designs on Instagram and most notable magazine features (House Beautiful, Magnolia, Good Housekeeping). We hope you love them as much as we do!


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Return Policy: Due to the nature of digital products we do not offer refunds. If you are unsure if Build Recipes are right for you please read our FAQ's. 

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