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Project Sarasota Sunset: Guest Room Reveal

The guest room in our project Sarasota Sunset was one of our faves for two reasons – the architectural wall design is so good and it solved a major design dilemma! Curious? Keep reading!

Guest Bedroom with Wall Arch

Guest Bedroom with Wall Arch

We had a one-of-a-kind moment in the Sarasota Sunset guest room where a design debacle turned into an amazing feature in the room.

We had a problem. There was no closet in this room! ... so we had to create one.

We created a headboard moment and integrated closets into the headboard wall. We knew the headboard needed to go against this wall, so we designed an arch to be made out of drywall over the bed. We used drywall and sheetrock to bring the framing out 24 inches, then inset beautiful white oak paneled cabinetry in the sides to create rod and shelf storage – the perfect place for guests to store their clothing when they visit Sarasota.

Small Guest Room Ideas

You'll also notice that this room doesn't have nightstands. We wanted to create a place for people to be able to store smaller items near the bed. A drawer was added at the bottom of the inset panels that's easy to access bedside and functions similarly to a nightstand drawer.

We also designed little niches inside the wall arch on either side of the bed for guests to keep a bottle of water or lay their watch at the end of the day. There's even an outlet inside so guests can easily charge their phones!

Small sconces sit above the niches for easy-to-reach bedside lighting.

guest room design solution

I'm seriously so happy with how this bedroom turned out! And to think without the initial closet problem, we may not have had such an interesting, original design.

modern guest bathroom

Guest Bathroom

Matching the vibes of the guest room, we kept the modern feel in the complementing guest bathroom while still infusing our KLD rustic modern aesthetic. Chic marble vanity countertops were paired with a more rustic crosshatch brick lay floor.

Jack and Jill Bathroom

Not connected, but too cute not to include, the Jack and Jill bathroom just down the hall was designed in the same vein as the guest bath. This bright and airy bathroom sits between the client's future kids' rooms and boasts two vanities for plenty of space for littles to spread out and share.

modern coastal bathroom design

Fluted Glass Cabinets

We chose two-tone cabinetry, mixing a light, warm stain with dove grey paint. The uppers have a beautiful fluted glass that complements the vertical lines of the sconces and mirror beautifully.


Love this guest bedroom? Be sure to check out the Sarasota Sunset main bedroom suite, too!


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