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Daryl-Ann Denner's Living Room Reveal

I'm so excited to finally reveal... the Denner Project! This is 100% one of the best home designs we've ever done, and not just because our client was the incredibly sweet founder of nuuds, Daryl-Ann Denner. I cannot wait to show you every last detail, starting with the formal living room!

We didn't even know nuuds was going to be a thing yet when we started working together, but somehow this house was designed with a neutral color scheme that paired beautifully with the nuuds brand color palette. We love seeing the harmony between their home and the amazing brand that the Denners have created, and are just so happy with how it all came together.

Daryl-Ann Denner's Living Room

Daryl-Ann Denner's Formal Living Room

We wanted Daryl-Ann Denner's living room to feel very relaxed and casual while also giving a California cool aesthetic, playing into the roots of this family.

Scale was also very important in this home. It's a large home, so we wanted to make sure we were intentionally selecting pieces that were sized correctly for the space. The coffee table, sofas, side chairs, and the ottomans all had to fill the space in a way that didn't make them feel too small or too big, and I think it all came together so well.

If you follow Daryl-Ann on Instagram, you know she and Dan have a large family! When planning this space we made sure to keep in mind that they needed a space where everyone could comfortably sit and hang out together.

The living room is a long rectangle, and we really wanted to make sure there was room enough for every single Denner family member in the house. We had 10 foot sofas custom built to fit the irregular-shaped room, designed with lovely swoop arms go give the sofa an elevated, one-of-a-kind look. We layered the seating with beautiful, neutral pillows that pair well with the nuuds brand aesthetic, that was born right here in this house.

Some of my favorite products in this space are the little ottomans we placed in front of the fireplace. They are more than meets the eye! They are made of woven leather and actually swivel! By adding these across from the sofa, we were able to create a nice little place to be able to have a full circle conversation with the family when they're sitting in this space.

benjamin moore white dove

You guys may be wondering what took us so long to photograph this house. Well, it's this coffee table right here! We designed and installed the furniture in this home at the tail end of the Covid furniture shenanigans, and this guy took over a year to finally arrive. It was a total fiasco (designers, you know what I'm talking about!), but it's here and and it's PERFECT!

Exciting news! We are just weeks away from opening up our brick-and-mortar shop, Heritage House, in downtown Edmond, Oklahoma, with an e-commerce shop to follow. Many of the furniture and decor seen in the Denner Project will be available for purchase there very very soon! Be sure to follow Heritage House on Instagram (@kldheritagehouse) and get on our email list to be the first to have our grand opening and site launch details!

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Designer: Kelsey Leigh Design Co.

Photographer: Reagen Taylor Photography

Builder: Jim Scott + Sons


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