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Project Black Oak: Entry & Dining Room Reveal

I'm thrilled to continue sharing more from our Black Oak project! Trust me when I say, it just gets better and better, room by room! The entryway and dining room immediately set the tone for this European luxury home build with a balanced blend of old-world charm and modern sophistication.

​ Photos: Emily Hart Photography 


black oak entryway design

Mixing Wood Finishes

As a wood enthusiast, I didn't shy away from showcasing a variety of wood finishes throughout the space. As your enter Black Oak, you'll notice dark stains, light stains, mid-tone stains, and even blonde finishes intertwine seamlessly, infusing warmth and coziness into every corner. Take a closer look and try to identify the numerous wood finishes artfully integrated into the design.

Diana Royale Marble Tile Flooring

I chose Diana Royale chiseled edge marble in a Versailles pattern for the floor, creating a rustic, timeworn feel to the home upon entry. The carefully chosen marble tile adds a touch of sophistication while maintaining the illusion that the home has stood for centuries with its textural composition.

Curved Staircase with Spoon Railing

The focal point of the entryway is a captivating curved staircase adorned with a custom iron rail featuring delightful spoon details. My vision for the home was to infuse it with character and texture, and the staircase delivers just that. The combination of old and new elements in the design gives the house a timeless appeal while still feeling intentionally designed for a modern family.

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rustic modern dining room design

Rustic Dining Room Furniture

Let's step into one of my favorite rooms in the home—the dining room. It's the only eat-in space, so we wanted to make the room functional for special occasions and everyday use. I chose a reclaimed rustic dining table paired with black modern swoop-back chairs, providing a perfect blend of modern and rustic aesthetics. The addition of slip-covered captain's chairs at the head and foot of the table adds a touch of formality to the space.

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Overly Grouted Stone Wall

The dining room's star attraction, if not the incredible felted light fixture, is the stone accent wall. This is one of three stone walls in the home, but it makes such a statement in the dining room paired with the ceilings' reclaimed wood beams. The overly grouted design instantly infused the space with old-world character that complements the home's modern design and furniture selections.

Moody dining room with french doors

Reclaimed Travertine Courtyard

The French doors off the dining room open onto a beautiful open-air courtyard. This outdoor space features a hedged garden with a fountain. Its reclaimed travertine stone adds a European touch, creating a relaxing outdoor escape. I can't wait to enjoy my morning coffee from the added café table here!

Non-Traditional Arch Passageways

If you look closely, you'll notice unique oak-paneled passageways between rooms. While we love traditional arches, we wanted to try something new in Black Oak. Along with our builder, McGregor Homes, we combined a couple of ideas together to land on this paneled design detail. This allowed us to have designated rooms while keeping the home open and grand.

moody entryway design

As you explore Black Oak, take note of the meticulous details and thoughtful design choices that make this residence an all-time favorite. Stay tuned to see more from Black Oak in the coming weeks, plus be sure to check out the kitchen and living room if you haven't already!

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Designer: Kelsey Leigh Design Co.

Furnishing: Heritage House


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