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Bathroom Trends 2022

Here are the top bathroom design trends that we are loving going into 2022 and how we incorporated them in this bathroom design.

stained vanity marble counter woven sconces bathroom

Photography: Emily Hart

No. 1. Mixed Metals

It's important that the rooms we design feel collected and not decorated. A great way to accomplish this in a bathroom space organically, is by mixing metals. Our general rule of thumb is we try to combine at least two, but no more than three metals in a space. Here we balanced the gold lights and hardware, with chrome plumbing and bath accessories. The juxtaposition of combining cool and warm metal finishes not only adds interest and dimension, but creates a beautiful end result.

Photography: Emily Hart

No. 2. Woven texture

Especially when playing with a neutral pallet in a design, texture is everything! Texture allows the home to give off a vibe that feels lived in, and is a great way to offer visual interest without having to use bold color choices. Brought in here by the striking chandelier and sconces, woven texture is definitely still having it's moment and we are here for it!

Photography: Emily Hart

No. 3. Vintage Accents

At KLD, vintage is always in and a requirement for any space we style. Vintage elements add a special sense of character to a home like nothing else can. In this newly built bathroom, vintage styling elements such as the vintage runner, framed artwork, and vintage style plumbing created a balance between old and new elements, allowing the space to feel collected and exude charm.

Photography: Emily Hart

No. 4. Creative Storage Solutions

The last few years have dramatically impacted the way we live in our homes. Home organization hacks and creative storage solutions have been on the rise and we are excited to continue keeping this at the forefront of our designs in 2022. Pictured in this vanity are two open facing spaces we intentionally created as an additional storage feature. Whether it becomes a spot where your makeup bag gets thrown or remains a way to display beautifully rolled towels for a more luxurious feel, the opportunities are endless!

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