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McGregor Family Easter Traditions

One of my very favorite holidays is upon us! Easter is just under two weeks away! This holiday is especially important to me as it represents the hope of heaven and the love of a God who would choose to die to save us!

I like to keep Easter weekend very low maintenance (honestly this is my game plan whenever the kids are involved - ha!). Listen, I grew up with the candy and the coordinating outfits and the bunny... Nowadays, I prefer a relaxing family weekend choosing to keep it simple, but there are still a few traditions we work with every Easter season.

On Sunday morning, our fam of six attends the Easter service at our home church, New Song Church in Edmond, Oklahoma. After, we'll head to my in-law's home for family dinner. And when I say "family dinner," I mean my mother-in-law, Deb, opens up her delicious kitchen to friends who can’t be with family that day to join ours. It's always the sweetest, most cherished time together full of good food and plenty of laughter. Even our designer director, Leah, and her fam have joined us in the past! My contribution to the meal is always the sacred family jello-Cool Whip recipe “Green Mold.” Terrible name, fantastic dish! I share the recipe below! You gotta try it – don’t let the name deter you!

There are no matchy-matchy family Easter outfits or coordinating monogrammed baskets in our house (though I aspire to!). Our kids all have mis-matched baskets that I fill with NON-candy gifts – as that comes later with an egg hunt – like books and hair accessories. We have bunny ear headbands that we bring out with the baskets each year, and in the afternoon, the kiddos will hunt Easter eggs out back.

I'm so looking forward to our family's Easter weekend, even if it’s a bit low key!

Green Mold Recipe


2 boxes pistachio pudding

½ c. lemon juice

1 lg. can crushed pineapple

16 oz. Cool Whip

2 cans mandarin oranges; drained (set aside half a can to decorate top)

Mix pudding, lemon juice, and ⅓ of the Cool Whip together in a bowl. Once completely mixed, fold in the remaining Cool Whip with the mandarin oranges. Reserve half a can or so of oranges to decorate the top. Refrigerate and serve cold.

women's easter outfit

Women's Easter Outfits

In my excitement, I've spotted some cute dresses I've been eyeing for myself and had to share! I'm loving neutrals, and these brown and nude dresses most definitely fit the bill while still feeling spring-y!

easter basket ideas

Easter Basket Ideas

Not gonna lie – I had so much fun hunting down some goodies for my kiddos' Easter baskets this year. A necessity I intend to include is a book about Easter for the family, and some baseball caps or visors would be just in time for spring sports. My kids are too big for this, but I spotted the sweetest rolling basket for babies to hunt eggs with that I included in here along with the bunny ears I would buy if we didn't already own enough.


Cheers to you and your families having the best Easter weekend with those you love!


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