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Denner Project: Kids Bedroom Reveal

Maybe we shouldn't have been surprised when we started getting flooded with questions about sweet Remy and Rhett Denner's bedroom designs – especially when these were some of our favorite rooms from the entire Denner project. We truly have the most fun designing spaces for littles where we can get even more playful with our textiles and prints. Our design director, Leah, took the lead on the kids' room designs, and she totally knocked the neutral, organic theme found throughout the house out of the park with these more whimsical variations.

Keep scrolling for the cutest kids bedrooms plus a peek at their shared playroom and the upstairs laundry room (a genius addition, if I do say so myself).

Baby Girl Nursery Ideas

Baby Girl Nursery Ideas

We designed the most darling nursery for the most darling little daughter of this family. The vibe is sweet, feminine, playful, and, of course, neutral. We chose a lovely taupe wallpaper featuring a floral and pomegranate pattern as the backdrop for this little girl's nursery and hung an intricately beaded floral-shaped chandelier above the traditional white crib.

Pulling from the warm tones in the nursery wallpaper, the fawn velvet swivel glider was a must for this bedroom design. It instantly pulled the girl's room design together while creating a cozy place for momma to rock this little lady to sleep. Every element harmonizes together, creating such a nurturing, quiet space for this little girl to grow up.

daryl-ann denner son's bedroom

Toddler Boy Bedroom Ideas

This is truly the cutest little gentleman's room! We've got all the things that daddy has but in a sweet, elevated, yet still youthful environment. My favorite detail in this space is all the plaid! We went slightly western with this Texas inspired little boy's room, and the plaid pattern in the pillows, throw blanket, and curtains truly refined the design.

Since little Rhett's loves trucks, tractors, and heavy equipment, we enlisted Abbey Ratcliff to create some custom sketches for this little man's bedroom. You'll see "Rhett's Construction" collection along the walls of his room. All of this space just works and screams little boy.

How to Mix and Match Furniture in Kids Bedroom

One thing we try to avoid at KLD is matching furniture sets, which can actually be really tricky to navigate. Something we like to think about are the finishes of each piece when we're including mismatched furniture within the space. The leather bed frame felt very complementary of the painted dresser as the dresser's rattan wrapped handles were similar in color to the bed's leather upholstery, both with similar tones in the bed's wood stain and the dresser's paint color. The dresser's dark bronze hardware matches the detailing that's going on with the other metal finishes in the space. Our goal was for the room to be juxtaposed but also complementary at the same time.

daryl ann denner's kids playroom

Kids' Playroom

What kid wouldn't want this space as their playroom?! This great sectional wraps around the play space and is upholstered with corduroy performance fabric, bringing a really nice texture and durability to this sofa especially built for children. We've got a solid lego table for lots of hours of play, and we've got these great little stuffed animal mounts for cute playful decor in the space. This is a wonderful, creative, and stimulating environment for kids to play for hours and hours.

upstairs laundry room

Upstairs Laundry Room

Picture having an upstairs laundry room – it's like stepping into a practical dreamland for families on the go. The Denner family can officially say goodbye to the hassle of lugging laundry up and down the stairs, because with this setup, each floor has their own laundry zone.

We wanted to ensure laundry was a breeze for mom and dad Denner and styled the room with rolling laundry baskets for easy collecting and sorting, jars for styled laundry essentials, and garden-chic floral baskets. The sleek black painted cabinetry and herringbone tile lay were just the icing on top of this efficient design!


Designer: Kelsey Leigh Design Co.

Photographer: Reagen Taylor Photography

Builder: Jim Scott + Sons


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