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Thinking about ordering a Build Recipe, but want to see the product first? We don't blame ya! Here's a sample bathroom Build Recipe for you to review (and use!) before making your purchase. This neutral and classic secondary bathroom comes straight from Build Recipe No. 3 - English Revival and features the cutest basketweave floor tile design. Enjoy! 


Note: The free download recipe does not include the lighting and hardware placement guides that are included in all purchased Build Recipes.


Downlaod Build Recipe No. 3 to get plans and links to the English Revival secondary bathroom.

Free Download Bathroom Recipe No. 3 - English Revival

  • This is a 12 page digital PDF sent straight to your email inbox for instant, lifetime access. You can start implementing the designs immediately using the design guides and direct product links.

    • Purchase the products for the bathroom using the shoppable links.

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