New Construction

Building a home? This service is for YOU!

There are 7,543 decisions to make when building a home and we are here to help you make each one. We begin with a consultation to discover your specific style, look through your inspiration images and understand your goals for how you want your new home to feel and function.  From there we will create and design plan and use that to filter decisions as the house comes to life. Through a series of several consultations we will help you with floor plan, electrical placement, cabinet design, paint colors, flooring, tile, lighting, hardware selections, and more.

Clients ask when the best time to get a designer involved in the building process and the answer is right away! Once the ball is rolling it’s difficult and expensive to go backward and make changes to incorporate ideas that you may not have thought of on your own. We want to help you start your build off on the right foot and make sure when finished it’s the dream home you’ve been imagining.

Pricing starting at $295 for 2 hour consult.

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