Design Consultation

A consultation lasts 1-2 hours. Kelsey will meet you in your space to understand your project and end goals. It’s the opportunity to discuss and formulate any inspiration, ideas or direction for any project in mind. The consultation can also be tailored to help you through a brainstorming session.

The consultation session can include:

  • Paint choices for your entire home (interior and exterior)
  • Determining furniture layouts
  • Treatment styles to match your spaces aesthetic
  • Guidance on home selections and sources on where to purchase them (including lighting, flooring, tile, hardware, window coverings, etc.)
  • Suggestions for updating furniture styles, finding interesting brands and sourcing styling accessories
  • Helping you resolve any other design issues that are bothersome

Wherever you are on your design journey - whether you’re just beginning a larger project or need an outside eye - you’ll benefit from Kelsey attention and expertise. Expect real ideas, inspiration and refined direction.

Investment: $395

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