This package includes a custom design board, a detailed shopping list, specifications for wall color, and furniture suggestions. To make it easy for you to install your pieces, we’ll create a floor plan that specifies exactly what piece should go where. Cost depends on room size and orientation, and the amount of items needed to make your space perfect.

To get a feel of who you are and what kind of space you want to live in, please fill out our design questionnaire. This will give me an idea of your vision, your needs, your style and any other details I should know before starting your project.

Pulling from pieces in already in your home, we’ll do our best to reuse furnishings and accessories to create a functional and beautiful space. If we feel like there could be some additions that will transform the space, we’ll provide recommendations.

Redesign services involve a flat design fee depending on the scope of the project. Pricing starts at $1,000 including 1 round of edits.

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