Restful Master Retreat

This was such a fun project because I was given pretty much free rein in the design decision making process. I presented this sweet couple with a design concept and inspiration, they told me which lane they wanted me to stay in and off I went. They called me in because (like 99% of people out there) their master bedroom had been an after thought and they were ready to turn it into a place the wanted to come into that felt restful and calm and beautiful. I designed it to be their own little getaway, their retreat. They also had a super 70’s closet with huge sliding mirrored doors. Their desire was to turn it into a fireplace since they already had a closet in their en-suite bathroom. You can see the before and after transformation in my blog post about this project here. Every detail, from furnishings, bedding and each décor item, was carefully and thoughtfully curated in this space to create a complete thought. This project is a great example of our full-service interior design package.

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