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Build Recipes

Beautiful interiors should be accessible.  


This was the foundational belief that inspired our new digital product, Build Recipes. If you have a new home construction project in the works, you're likely anticipating all kinds of stress.  What if it didn't have to be a difficult process? What if it could be efficient and easy?

You deserve...

  • peace of mind that a beautiful home serves as the backdrop of your life.

  • to save hours, months, and even years of delay, stress, and indecision on your new home build or remodel.

  • to live in a magazine worthy home that is perfectly balanced between beauty and function.

  • to be handed a proven and efficient process that will help you every step of the way, similar to a blueprint. 

  • a designer's touch in your home without the costly expense of hiring one.

You deserve to feel confident in the look and feel of your home without the risk of making costly mistakes. We consistently avoid these mistakes for our clients.

Screenshot 2023-01-19 at 11.48.41 AM.png
Screen Shot 2023-01-11 at 12.41.06 PM.png

We understand that building and designing  a home can be completely overwhelming, time consuming, and can leave you feeling anxious, intimidated, frustrated, and just plain stressed out! Making decisions when there are an endless and exhausting amount of choices while trying to figure out what goes well together is not easy.

Decision fatigue leads to...

  • Wasted time and money 

  • Buyer's remorse 

  • Worry, anxiety, and stress

  • Endless hours of shopping and research

  • ​Design paralysis

  • ​Abandoned projects 

  • Hasty decisions

  • Mediocre results 

Historically, the only solution to these problems was to hire an interior designer to help guide you through the process – a luxury expense.

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Screen Shot 2023-01-11 at 2.36.30 PM.png

We knew there was a way to eliminate your stress while having all of the design decisions made for you, so we created Build Recipes. 

Our goal is to make high-end designs more accessible.  Build Recipes are: 
  • Curated and cohesive design selections delivered to you at a fraction of the cost of hiring a full-service interior designer.

  • An easy to follow "click-and-go" blueprint of all design details and product links needed for you to execute your room or entire home. 

  • A way for you to get the look of a professionally designed home that looks like some of our most beloved projects.

  • A way to deliver your design selections to your contractor to ensure easy implementation.

  • The best way to save you time and money on your project resulting in the creation of a magazine-worthy home that you are proud to show off. 

I've seen the frustration and anxiety... 

It’s my full-time job to make these decisions for my clients. I saw the frustration they were carrying before I got involved in the design process. 

But I've also witnessed the look on their faces when they see that the final outcome looks just how they imagined. Best of all, they did not have to go through a painful process to get there.  

Build Recipes are an accessible opportunity for more people to be handed our process and design selections. 

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Screenshot 2023-01-19 at 1.39.06 PM.png
Screenshot 2023-01-19 at 1.33.43 PM.png
Screenshot 2023-01-19 at 12.51.54 PM.png
Screenshot 2023-01-19 at 1.55.41 PM.png
Screenshot 2023-01-19 at 1.23.16 PM.png
Screenshot 2023-01-19 at 1.59.16 PM.png
Screenshot 2023-01-19 at 1.52.56 PM.png
Screenshot 2023-01-19 at 2.07.10 PM.png
Screenshot 2023-01-19 at 1.27.05 PM.png
Screenshot 2023-01-19 at 2.05.34 PM.png

Build Recipes at a Glance:

Each recipe contains shoppable links to:

  • Flooring & Tile

  • Paint & Stain Colors 

  • Countertops

  • Lighting

  • Stair Design (select recipes)

  • Bathroom Accessories

  • Grout

  • Mirrors

  • Appliances

  • Cabinetry Storage Solutions

  • Trim Details

  • Hardware

  • Plumbing

  • Exterior Selections 


Selections are organized by trade, so they are easy to hand to each allocated contractor and craftsman.

Trade Specific Documents:

(Lighting, Plumbing, Tile/Flooring, Paint, Countertops, Hardware)

Build Recipe iPad mock up-6.png

As well as guides for installation:

Build Recipe iPad mock up-5.png

What others have been saying pre launch... 

Untitled design (2).png
Hiring a designer is a $25-$60K investment or more.

Limited time intro pricing:



Meet your designer, Kelsey!

Hi, I'm Kelsey! The principal designer and founder of Kelsey Leigh Design Co. – an interior design firm known for our approachable, warm, vintage modern style. Our social media presence grew quickly on Instagram from its inception in 2019 and has led to several leading media features in the industry. We take projects all across the country from floor plan to furnishing and are especially known for our expertise in new construction and renovation projects. We wanted to create a product that delivered our designs, proven to enhance the home building and design process, into the hands of more people who appreciate creating beauty in their homes. These build recipes are from some our most popular designs on Instagram and most notable magazine features (House Beautiful, Magnolia, Good Housekeeping). We hope you love them as much as we do!

make it happen-2.png

Who Build Recipes are for:

  • Anyone who is renovating or building a new home.

  • Home builders who want to expedite their process and build more.

  • People who are too busy for the painstaking design selection process or simply want to delegate in order to have more time to themselves. 

  • Those who plan to remodel or build a home in the future.

  • Home design enthusiasts who want the KLD look in their home at a fraction of the cost of hiring an interior designer.

Who Build Recipes are NOT for:

  • Those who want to work directly with KLD, ask us questions, or invest in one of our custom designs.  If this is what you are looking for, please fill out our project inquiry form. We'd love to hear from you!

  • For those who aren't ready to spend between X and Y on their design selections after their Build Recipe purchase.

DISCLAIMER: We can only estimate, approximately, how much you will spend.  The total will depend on a variety of factors such as market value in your location, vendor price increases, your contractor, and the layout and square footage of your home. 


It's up to you as far as how many selections you purchase so this number is not a requirement unless you want to purchase every selection.

Return Policy: Due to the nature of digital products we do not offer refunds. If you are unsure if Build Recipes are right for you please read our FAQ's. 

    First please complete our online project inquiry form for us to get to know you and your project. Next we will reach out with additional information about how we may work together. We then offer an in-home paid design consultation or Zoom meeting to review your project, design goals and aesthetic and talk through our initial ideation for your project. After this meeting, a design fee proposal will be sent to you for your review.
    We are based out of Oklahoma but proudly service clients and projects both locally and nationwide (and occasionally Canada).
    Client communication will take place digitally via email, by scheduled phone call or in person meeting. Thursdays and Fridays are typically reserved for uninterrupted creative time for client projects. Because we value our clients and our own rest hours, we typically stay out of our inbox on the evenings and weekends
    Absolutely! We encourage clients to incorporate some of the treasured pieces they already own. These pieces make the home feel personal and collected. With that said, we will also speak candidly with our clients about what works and what doesn't within the design of your space.
    This varies per project. If local to Oklahoma and building a home we have a prefered list of builders and architects that we can refer you to. Some clients have brought on their own contractors, and we will defer all subcontractor contacts to them. We can also connect you with wallpaper hangers, millworkers, painters, etc. as the projects requires. It is important to note that we are not General Contractors and will not assume that role at any time during your project.
    We purchase product from a variety of sources tailored to your unique project. We use local small shops, to-the-trade vendors as well as online and catalogue retailers.
    We have completed a number of successful design projects all over the country. Thanks to the wonder of technology we can still help you with your project from a distance! At times during the process it may be beneficial for us to travel to your area for selections meetings (if using local vendors) or any walk-throughs that you may want us on-site for. If our team is also helping with full-service furnishing and styling we will be on-site for installation day(s).
    At the beginning of the project you will meet with Kelsey and one of our highly talented and proficient Lead Designers. Kelsey will oversee all project management, design direction and selections. Communication will be with both Kelsey and the Lead Designer. Jessica will manage your account and will answer all billing and procurement related questions.
    At this time our business model primariliy focuses on projects that include three or more rooms to furnish or whole home design for new construction projects to best achelive our Kelsey Leigh Design Co. aesthetic for our client(s), therefore we do not offer single in-home consulatative services. We are a member of The Expert and offer 55 minute video consultations through their platform.
    We charge an hourly rate of $250. After completing our initial consultation together we will provide you with a Project Proposal tailored specifically to your project and design needs.
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