Frequently asked questions

Can I shop on my own?

You have hired me to design and complete a vision for your space and I prefer that you do not select or purchase items because that selection may not be a fit for the design, space, or budget for a variety of professional reasons. I am always open to considering any item(s) you would like to incorporate in your home but ask that you consult me before making any purchases. When applicable you will receive a detailed Specification for items to be purchased direct.

What additional costs can I expect?

How long do projects normally last?

How do I place an order?

Can I change my mind after an order is placed?

When are payments are due?

What if I have concerns about an item?

What if I decide mid-project that I want to add to the scope?

What about budget?

What is the difference between a specification and a proposal?

How are items delivered?